About No. 8 Wire


No.8 Wire Motorcycles is a motorcycle restoration and customization workshop located in Missoula, Montana. No. 8 Wire Motorcycles was founded in 2013 with the same 'Number eight wire' philosophy employed by Kiwi motorcycle legends Burt Munro and John Britten. Owned and Operated by Colin Cornberg, who was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, No. 8 Wire Motorcycles Offers full custom builds and restorations and is open by appointment only.

Number 8 wire refers specifically to a gauge of wire which, during the colonisation of New Zealand, was predominantly used for making fences. It is a versatile type of wire, as it was used by the earliest settlers of NZ, as not only fencing material, but as a general "do it all" fix, similar to what Duct-tape has become. Being thousand of miles away from extra tools, parts or technical guidance, the English who initially settled in NZ had to not only have a lot of initiative but also had to be creative and able to adapt to sudden changes and difficult circumstances. The number 8 wire attitude allows one to 'think outside the box' and develop other methods and solutions. When dealing particularly with vintage rebuilds and/or repair, such ingenuity is essential.  Where modern parts and accessories for newer bikes are more readily accessible, frequently, these ancient beasts require more time;  research and (sometimes) part fabrication.  This leads to increased innovation and and in general more open-minded approaches.


Cover photo: Colin at the Bonneville Salt flats by Jonothan Savoie